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Episode 029 - Season One Finale!

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EP 028 – Designing the perfect working day

SHOW NOTES EP 028 Designing the perfect working day
What if you spent your time only doing things you love? Do you dream of working for yourself? Do you dream of only working on things and projects you care about? What would that take? What would that really look like? What is a perfect day? Read More
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EP 027 – Favorite Things


Favorite Things (to spark creativity) You love stuff. I love stuff. We love stuff. Isn't it great when somebody tells you about something they are super excited about and you don’t even know what it is - and then it turns out that thing is totally awesome and now you love it too? Exactly. Read More
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EP 026 – Setting Goals

Episode 026

Setting Goals This episode focuses on a viewer submitted question from Eli: “Goals?” We interpret that to mean that you want to know what we think about creatives setting goals. So we explored our favorite options. Plus Strongbad. Yaassss. Read More
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