Take a chance.

Pattern interrupt is about taking chances as a creative person.

We want to create both conversation and actionable activities that anyone can use to move from idea to action as a creator.

It’s not enough to just identify as a creator (or a creative). Great creators and makers (YOU) regularly push through gridlock and blocks and make things and then put your work out into the world.

Making things matters. Sharing what we make matters. Creating community and collaboration matters. Being bold with our creativity matters. And that’s what we are about at Pattern Interrupt.

This podcast is about the shared values of a boldly creative community.

We made this podcast for people who love to make things, to create things and to dream big.

Here’s what we get psyched about:

  • Passion (about art, making, growing, thriving, and weird minutia of life)
  • Inspiration and seek out new stuff
  • Motivation to take action and live bigger
  • Anything that is irreverent, goofy, wacky and weird
  • Projects that are community minded – because we can’t become the best us alone
  • People who are actively engaged in the act of “becoming” the best version of yourself
  • Hanging out with creatives and makers (professional, entrepreneurial, hobby-ests, all are welcome)

If you are into all that stuff, you will love this podcast.

Pattern Interrupt is produced by The Art of Story Project and The Last Field Office

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