Kyle J. Glenn of The Last Field Office

Kyle is a professional photographer and filmmaker. And a musician. And a t-shirt maker. And an…INTERRUPTOR!
Kyle has a BFA in Digital Media Production from The Art Institute of Portland. He spent years post grad working on film crews and doing all the nitty-gritty behind the scenes work needed to work his way up realize ladders are for chumps. He co-founded Quarter Orange, a successful boutique production company in PDX, where he produced, directed, and managed a wide range of video projects. Kyle honed a variety of creative skills and passions. Now he is working on creating the space where all his passions co-mingle. Kyle believes in the value of the interplay of skills, talents, and action. And just getting shit done already.

Kyle’s super powers include:

  • helping people “flip the switch” to take action and become what they want to become
  • building community and connections
  • boy-band good looks (and boy band singing/dancing abilities. And he can make a killer boy band facial expression)


Mary Lucus-Flannery of The Art of Story Project

Mary is a writer, musician, public speaker, and a life-long creator.

Mary’s training in marketing and sales began early. She remembers going door to door with a red wagon full of sweet corn at age 10, looking to make a little extra cash and deliver delicious sweet corn to people who *totally* were psyched to see a kid selling shit right at their front door. The good news: Mary saw that a “no” is not a bad thing. Which lead to her willingness to be a total weirdo.

Mary went to school to become a writer (BA at UW-Madison). She went on to get tons of jobs in marketing and sales and communication, from waitress to traveling recruiter. Then, quite weirdly, she became a chiropractor and a small business owner. But even as Mary moved into the entrepreneurial space, she was always creating: classes, seminars, blogs and podcasts.

Mary believes that we are all always selling, especially creatives. We sell our ideas, our art, and our ability to solve problems that no one else even sees. Mary’s skill set in in the intersection of the act of creation and putting that creation to practical use.

And she is willing to be an idiot in public.

Mary’s super powers include:

  • curating and gathering hella piles of information and resources
  • building systems and hacks to make creative projects usable/useful
  • making up words that totally make sense

Photos by Ginger Fierstein