EPISODE 24: Getting Back on the Horse

We interrupt our own pattern by answering a listener question and using a shorter format.

The listener question from Jonathan is:

After I have stopped doing something why is it so hard to start again? It feels so hard. I try and try and I struggle to reconnect to start doing that thing again. What hacks or tricks can I use to get back into that habit?


  1. Reconnect to the why underneath the activity. This requires going past the superficial answer.
  2. Write down your why and read it every day. You do this to remind yourself and rebuild the connection to the power behind the activity.
  3. Make a plan. Make a plan that builds in the time for the activity you are re-incorporating. Or plan a replacement behavior for something you want to stop doing.
  4. Get an accountability partner or plan in place. Use it. Check out Gretchen Rubin’s work for more info on this.


Want to reset your biological system (and thereby your creativity)? Try grounding, the practice of connecting to the earth and the planet by going barefoot on the grass or dirt. Even if its just for a few minutes. Check it out. Put your tootsies on the ground. See what happens.

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