Designing the perfect working day

What if you spent your time only doing things you love?

Do you dream of working for yourself? Do you dream of only working on things and projects you care about?

What would that take? What would that really look like? What is a perfect day?

Since Kyle quit his job in March he has been building his own creative life. What is great about that? What is hard about that? What REALLY happens when you have no boss?


  • What elements go into a perfect day
  • What are the challenges to unstructured creative time
  • Deep work vs change things up often
  • How pent up work can flow out of you (deep work)
  • Are your tasks obstacles or anchor points?
  • Mary makes an excel spreadsheet to track your day

Choose a picture already in your phone. Write a tagline to sell a product or a brand idea.


Greek philosophy based therapy group ad



When you have one child too many
When you are touched out by noon
Sometimes you shouldn’t catch them all

The horror

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