What We’ve Learned – Season One Wrap Up

We have been doing this podcast for nine months and we have learned more than we expected.

We tell some behind the scenes stories, review our best moments and thoughts – and we deliver the BEST interruption exercise EVER right at the tail end!


Stick around to the end and find out what happens next? Will there be a season two?

What we learned:

  1. Having a creative partner (while weird and scary) is immensely helpful.
  2. Creativity loves constraints. Truer than ever!
  3. Pattern Interrupt is a valuable tool, not just when you are stuck, but as a fundamental part of the process.

Books we obsessed over this season:

Oh, and yes, there will be a season two. We are taking a short break to replenish our fucks. Then we will be interviewing more guests and building more shows to launch in January.

And DO NOT MISS the final interruption: an original improvised song about Pattern Interrupt.

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